FTP Problemen met een uploaden bestanden ( Router Probleem)

I've just got a Belkin N+ Wirles Modem Router and it refuses to FTP to websites. I know the router is the problem and not anything else as it is the same issue on 5 different PC's that go through the router and if I change the router to a different model then it works again. I can FTP to some sites but not others, it appears that if the amount of data on the ftp site is very small I can get access but if it is over a few K then it wont work. It gets as far as showing the directory but wont open the main folder of content on the server, it appears to hang. I have turned the firewall off, put the PC outside the router in DMZ, unblocked ports 20 and 21, all the usual culprits but nothing is working. Anyone else able to FTP with this router? Also when I power cycle the router it refuses to boot up and I have to do a factory reset and re-enter all the details again. i have taken 1 router back and had it changed but this one is the same. All other aspects of the router work ok, its just the FTP. De oplossing ligt in een aanpassing van de zgn. MTU: van de default 1432 naar het maximum van 1500.

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